Still a chance for the long-awaited Midnight Sun

When Stephanie Meyer does an interview, what does she always get asked?  Yep, if/when she’ll be getting around to finishing the infamous Midnight Sun.  This incomplete manuscript, a telling of the events of the original Twilight novel from Edward’s perspective, was leaked a few years ago after very limited copies of it were entrusted to some key cast members in order to help them develop their characters.  Speculation is that Rob had one of the copies and might be the guilty party, but although Stephanie knows where the leak came from, she’s not telling.  And good for her!  I’d much rather see fans obsess over the manuscript itself than the who/when/why of it (which could lead to bad press for the franchise), and realistically it could have been any number of people.  Unfortunately for fans, Stephanie was so burned by the betrayal that she staunchly refused to finish it for at least a year after the incident, then when she finished Breaking Dawn, decided to move on to other projects.  Note to Ms. Meyer:  The Host ≠ Midnight Sun, not even close!!

Now, with Breaking Dawn nearing the end of filming, Stephanie recently told USA Today that she’s “hoping to do it someday because I know that’s what people want. No matter what book I put out from here to eternity they’ll want ‘Midnight Sun,” and that is the cold twi-hard truth!   Stephanie also chatted about how fantastic Kristen Stewart looks in Bella’s vintage wedding dress, Kristen’s transformation as a vampire for the second half of the final film, and Rob’s affinity to his on-screen-nemesis character Jacob.  She also revealed that the first half of the Breaking Dawn film will end as Bella opens her eyes for the first time as a vampire.   To borrow from True Blood, waiting sucks!

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the full USA Today report, but you can check out MTVs recent article here.

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4 responses to “Still a chance for the long-awaited Midnight Sun

  • Amanda

    I read the excerpt that she released herself. I really enjoyed it. Truth be told I kind of enjoyed it more from his point of view. I felt like it added more to the “Twilight” series. I shall keep fingers crossed she releases it.

    • DavinciKittie

      I really enjoyed it too. That little snippet is actually what got me reading fan fiction. Can you believe I’d never even heard about it until about a year ago?! There was a lady on one of the big fan fiction sites who wrote her own version of Midnight Sun and did a pretty damn good job of it. Sadly, she stopped before she finished, for personal reasons. This was while Stephanie was writing her own Midnight Sun (before the series was finished), and Stephanie actually sent her positive feedback on some of the chapters, which I thought was pretty cool. I can’t recall exactly what site and author it was, but if you’re interested I can look it up (just beware it has no ending).

      Having Edward’s ability to read all their minds, along with Jasper & Alice’s talents, makes for a much richer story IMO.

      Thanks for the comment! This site doesn’t get too many, so it’s great to see feedback!

  • Autumn

    I’ve heard from alot of people who have read the chapters of Midnight Sun that were leaked on the internet that it was alot better than Bella’s perspective-which I’m sure it was-and I’ve been so tempted to read it! But I’ve continued to be patient and keep my fingers crossed in hopes that she will finish it some day soon! PLEASE OH PLEASE FINISH MS, STEPHENIE!!! YOUR FANS ARE BEGGING YOU!!!

    • DavinciKittie

      I bet Stephanie rues the day she let that manuscript out of her hands. She says she’s asked about Midnight Sun in every interview she does now! I read what there is of it, and I liked it better than the original – you get to see more of the Cullens and their gifts and relationships thanks to the one-two punch of Edward’s mind reading and Alice’s visions. It stopped JUST before it started getting really good though, and that was super frustrating.

      Thanks for your comment! I ❤ comments!!

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